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Forest Rise provides a welcome respite in a busy schedule for many of our business guests

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Our high level of service and excellent facilities means you can really take you foot off the gas in preparation for that important meeting or exhibition in the morning.

We understand that your best performances and ideas come from a good nights sleep. So if you expect more than what the average cheap commercial chain in the area can offer, then come and stay with us here at Forest Rise Hotels in Loughborough.

Better than your average hotels in Loughborough

You can make the most of our luxury beds and high grade double glazing to lock out the hustle and bustle of the days events, waking energized and revitalised for the day ahead. With the famous Forest Rise bed and breakfast you can start the day as you mean to go, however you wish that to be.

At your service.

We can accommodate the needs of our business customers by offering flexible booking and payment arrangements. Whether you are an individual or a large group, we will be more than happy to discuss you requirements.

To speak to one of our team, or to enquire about the availability of our rooms, why not contact us today.

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